join us July 23, 2016

Honor veterans and hope for peace.


9th Annual Armistice Day Peace Concert & Vigil


July 23, 2016 6pm – 8pm


Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

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What is Remember 727?

Remember 727 is a non profit organization that commemorates the National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day (July 27) - to remember the Forgotten War, thank our veterans and hope for peace.
Never forget.

The Korean War was not just a war between Koreans. From 1950-1953, 1.8 million American men and women served in the Korean War, including 600,000 African Americans, 25,000 Japanese Americans, 20,000 Chinese Americans, and 148,000 Hispanic Americans. The U.S. suffered 54,246 casualties and 8,176+ plus POW/MIAs.

In total, the Korean War involved 25 nations: UN Allied (22) -Republic of Korea, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Medical: Denmark, Italy, Norway, India, Sweden; Communist Forces (3)- Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China, Soviet Union.

The Korean War claimed lives of more than 2.5 million Koreans and separated more than 10 million Korean families, including 100,000 Korean Americans who have yet to meet their families in the North.

The 3-mile wide buffer zone between the two Koreas, known as the DMZ, is the most heavily armed border in the world. Today the Two Koreas remain the only divided nation in the world and is technically at war.

Key Speakers

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David Do

Director, DC Mayor’s Office
David Do is the director of the DC Mayor’s Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs (MOAPIA). David is a seasoned community advocate, a champion for neighborhood engagement, and committed to education issues.
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Derrick Dockery

Former NFL player (Redskins guard) & grandson of Korean War veteran and founder of Yellow Ribbons United
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Chahee Stanfield

Director of Divided Families Coalition

In a nutshell

A few highlights of the event include...

Sponsoring Organizations: The Korean Cultural Center, The Korean War Legacy Foundation, Washington DC Chapter of The National Unification Advisory Council (NUAC), The Korean American Association of the Washington Metropolitan Area (KAAW), Korean-American Association of Northern Virginia, Korean American Grocers Association of Washington (KAGRO), Korean American Public Affairs Committee (KAPAC), The Federation of Korean Associations, USA Korean American Scholarship Foundation (KASF), Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD), Washington Photo Mania, and Gimga Group.

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