2018 Across the USA

50 States. 70 Cities. 90 Days.
From 4/27 – 7/27 (Korean War Armistice Day). From LA to DC
Join the Journey across the US to
Thank Korean War Veterans, Help Build the Wall of Remembrance, and Promote Peace in Korea.

The Korean War is sometimes referred to as the “Forgotten War,” but it is anything but forgotten for those who served and their families. More than 36,000 Americans were killed in action, over 100,000 were Wounded in Action, and almost 8,000 remain unaccounted for — to say nothing of the millions of Americans who served and carry those memories with them.

From 4/27 to 7/27, Hannah Y Kim will be leading a three-month journey to visit Korean War Veteran Memorials in all 50 states to meet and thank Korean War Veterans and remind the public about the grave cost of war.

The goal of this journey is to raise awareness and funds to help build a Wall of Remembrance at the National Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and remind us all that “Freedom is not Free.”

Although the Wall of Remembrance Act was passed by Congress in 2016, plans to build the wall have languished due to a lack of initial funds. The goal is for the Wall of Remembrance to be built as soon as possible so that as many Korean War Veterans can attend the dedication ceremony.

DATES OF MEMORIAL VISITS (Exact time and locations will be posted as they are finalized.):

4/14 Sat – Santa Paula, CA (Kick-Off Bike Run along CA126 Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway) See comments, pics and videos hereherehereherehere and here.
4/28 Sat – San Francisco, CA See comments, pics and videos herehere and here.
4/29 Sun – Roseville, CA See comments, pics and videos here.
5/1 Tues – Carson City, NV See comments, pics and videos here and here.
5/3 Thurs – Boise, ID See comments, pics and videos here
5/5 Sat -Portland, OR See comments, pics and videos here and here.
5/8 Tues – Anchorage, AK See comments, pics and videos here.
5/10 Thurs – Olympia, WA See comments, pics and videos here.
5/13 Sun -Missoula, MT See comments, pics and videos here and here.
5/14 Mon – Cody, WY See comments, pics and videos here.
5/16 Wed – Salt Lake City, UT See comments, pics and videos herehere and here.
5/17 Thurs – Denver, CO See comments, pics and videos here and here.
5/18 Fri – Aurora, CO See comments, pics and videos here.
5/19 Sat – Albuquerque, NM See comments, pics and videos here.
5/21 Mon – Phoenix, AZ See comments, pics and videos here.
stop by San Antonio, TX
5/22 Tues – Dallas, TX See comments, pics and videos here and here.
5/23 Wed – Lawton, OK See comments, pics and videos here and here.
stop by Wichita, Topeka, KS and here.
5/24 Thurs – Lawrence, KS See comments, pics and videos here.
5/25 Fri – Kansas City, MO See comments, pics and videos hereherehere and here.
5/26 Sat – Des Moines, IA See comments, pics and videos here.
5/26 and 27 Sun, Mon – Omaha, Columbus, NE 
See comments, pics and videos herehere, and here.
5/28 Mon MEMORIAL DAY – Crow Creek Indian Reservation, SD See comments, pics and videos herehere, and here.
5/29 Tues – Pierre, Standing Rock Indian Reservation, SD See comments, pics and videos hereherehere and here.
5/30 Wed – Bismarck, ND and Sisseston Indian Reservation, SD See comments, pics and videos hereherehere and here.
5/31 Thurs – Saint Paul and Rochester, MN See comments, pics and videos herehere and here.
6/1 Fri – (High Ground) Neillsville and Plover, WI
6/2 Sat – Chicago, IL
6/4 Mon – Springfield, IL
6/5 Tues – St. Louis, MO
6/6 Wed – College of the Ozarks, MO
6/7 Thurs – Little Rock, AR
stop by Pineville, LA
6/9 Sat – Mobile, AL and Hattiesburg, MS
6/10 Sun – Meridian, MS (BIKE RUN) 

stop by Birmingham, AL
6/12 Tues – Atlanta, GA
6/13 Wed – Augusta, GA
6/15 Fri – Greenville, SC
stop by Columbia, SC
6/16 Sat – Fayetteville, NC
6/18 Mon – Orlando, FL
6/20 Wed – Nashville, TN
6/21 Thurs – Lexington, KY
6/22 Fri – Charleston, WV
6/23 Sat – Dayton, OH
6/24 Sun – Indianapolis, IN
6/25 Mon JUNE25th COMMEMORATION – Fort Wayne, IN
stop by Marion, IN
6/26 Tues – Saint Joseph/Berrien County, MI
6/27 Wed – Detroit, MI
6/28 Thurs – Pittsburgh, PA
stop by Youngstown OH
6/28 Thurs – York, PA
6/29 Fri -Philadelphia, PA
6/30 Sat – New York, NY
7/5 Thurs – Hudson, Albany, NY
7/6 Fri – Manchester, VT
7/7 Sat – Nashua, NH
7/9 Mon – Bangor, ME
7/10 Tues – Boston, MA
7/12 Thurs – Middleborough, MA
7/13 Fri – Providence, RI
7/14 Sat – Exeter, RI
7/16 Mon – Danbury, CT
7/17 Tues – Jersey City, NJ
7/19 Thurs – Atlantic City, NJ
7/20 Fri – Wilmington, DE
7/21 Sat – Frederick County, MD (BIKE RUN) to Hagerstown, MD
7/24 Tues – Winchester, VA
7/27 Fri ARMISTICE DAY – Washington, DC