2018 Around the Pacific

To honor Korean War Veterans and promote peace on the Peninsula, Hannah Y Kim traveled 63,200 miles around the world to visit all the countries that participated in the Korea War 21 (including China, Russia and North Korea), then 20,700 more around the US to all 50 states, and now is on her final 34,700 across the Pacific.

This segment includes visits to islands of Hawaii, Guam and the American Samoa. In South Korea, Hannah will also undertake a 7-day tour to 30 memorials that commemorate the contributions of the 21 UN nations in the major battles sites during the Korean War (1950-53). She will ultimately culminate the Journey at the annual Korean War Veterans Association convention in Orlando, Florida on October 20, 2018.

You are welcome to join or assist her in any of the following stops:

8/26 Los Angeles, California (Home)
8/26-30 Hawaii 
8/31-10/2 Korea (30 Memorials tour around the country from Seoul to Busan)
10/2-7 Guam
10/7-8 Philippines 
10/8-9 Australia 
10/9-10 Samoa
10/10-14 American Samoa
10/14-15 Samoa
10/15-16 Australia 
10/16-17 China 
10/17-19 Los Angeles, California 
10/20 Orlando, Florida