Hannah Y Kim is the founder of Remember727 and the official Ambassadress of the Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation.

After serving as chief of staff and communications director to Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-NY), on January 19, 2017, Hannah Y Kim embarked on a Journey around the world to thank Korean War Veterans and promote peace on the Korean Peninsula.

With the help of her family, friends, and Angels along the way, Hannah traveled across six continents to 26 countries that participated in the Korean War, including Japan, China, Russia, and even North Korea. During her 4-month journey, she had the distinct honor of interviewing 200 Korean War veterans, whom she referred to as her Grandpas, because as she told them, “If you did not fight in Korea, I would not be here.”

In 2018, she made another journey to visit her Korean War Veterans Grandpas — this time across the USA to all 50 States! The goal was to raise awareness about the Wall of Remembrance and help raise funds for the construction. It was also her contribution to promoting peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Hannah has always had a special heart for Korean War Veterans and hope for peace in Korea. She has been tireless about reminding everyone that if it were not for the Veterans, we would not be living in a free world, living the dreams we would not have even imagined but for their sacrifices.

In 2008, as a 24-year-old graduate student, Hannah founded Remember727, which has since hosted an annual commemoration for Korean War Armistice Day — the day on which the ceasefire treaty was signed in 1953. Every July 27th at 7:27 p.m., hundreds of people light candles at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC, to pay tribute to our Veterans’ sacrifices and to renew the call for peace on the Peninsula and elsewhere conflict persists in our world. In 2009, Hannah successfully lobbied to pass legislation that established July 27th as the National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day in the United States.

For more background, read her essay on CNN or this article she wrote for The Greybeards, the official publication of the Korean War Veterans Association.